Tastatur und Maus

The Platform

The Open Sustainability Registry - OSR

Essential for a sustainable transformation are both data and transparency. Sustainability teaches us: data only develops its value when we are ready to share it. We can only achieve the transformation to a sustainable world together. Data serves as the foundation for the future - the technology to utilise it is already here.

The Open Sustainability Registry – OSR – is a platform that enables stakeholders to monitor and measure the progress of goals set by business, science and politics. Based on a centralised database, the OSR is a helpful and valid tool that allows consumers to make more sustainable consumption decisions.


Our Payment Standard

Our Receipt Standard

Our Payment Standard creates a standardization in payment transactions for banks and financial service providers to calculate the individual environmental impact of consumers* based on their personal account transactions. 

Together with the four largest German startups in the field of digitizing cash register receipts, we have developed a standard that summarizes the usual cash register receipt product groups and determines the average CO2 value per product group based on the studies provided in the OSR.

Our Product Standard

In our Product Standard, all products are mapped according to the product groups of the Harmonize System (HS) of the World Customs Organization (WCO) and their sub-items. For each tradable commodity, an average value for sustainability information (CO2, water consumption, land use, etc...) is defined. This standard creates transparency for all stakeholders in the area of carbon footprint.

Consumers can align and compare their consumption behavior; industries can make their sustainability efforts publicly visible and generate competitive advantages. Government institutions can monitor their sustainability goals and adapt their measures accordingly. At the same time, science is provided with a constantly growing treasure trove of data to develop ever better and new climate models.

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