We are convinced that with the right technology, and especially with the provision of open data and a collaborative approach, we can better and more effectively solve the major challenges for a sustainable world.


Our Standards

"Without standards there can be no improvement."

Taiichi Ohno


open payment


Our "Open Standard for Consumer Carbon Calculations on the Basis of Standard Payment Transactions" creates a standardisation in payment transactions for banks and financial service providers to calculate the individual consumers' environmental impact on the basis of their personal bank account transactions.

Product standard

In our product standard, all products are mapped according to the product groups of the WTO's Combined Nomenclature (CN) and its subgroups, and an average value for sustainability information (CO2, water consumption, land use, etc.) is thus defined for each tradable product.


This standard creates transparency for all parties involved in the area of the carbon footprint: consumers can align their consumption behaviour and compare it with the standard; industries can make their sustainability efforts publicly visible and generate competitive advantages; government institutions can monitor their sustainability goals and adapt their measures accordingly. 

digital receipt


Together with the four largest German start-ups in the field of digitising receipts, we have developed another standard that combines the usual receipt product groups and determines the average CO2 value per product group based on the studies provided in the EU-OSR.