Bring about change - together

With about twenty years of combined business knowledge, we have experienced the trends of the past few years. from the entrepreneurial and consulting side as well as from a corporate strategy, technology and legal perspective.

The sustainability paradigm is changing the context of global society - from politics to economics and culture. Our global actions will significantly determine all life on earth in the next two decades. Environmental awareness and sustainability are transforming from a niche consumer trend to a social movement and a central economic factor at all corporate levels.

This inevitably leads to a new value system in the economy, which we as a nonprofit organization want to play a significant role in shaping. We are creating data-based foundations for sustainable consumption.

We work globally with experts in the fields of data analytics, finance, commercial law, data protection, corporate governance, sustainability, software development, design, media & communications.


David Lais

Founder & Chairman

David is a serial entrepreneur and visionary who has made it his life's work to combine his passion for climate protection with his expertise in technology and digital business models to bring about real change. 


As Founder & Chairman, he is responsible for strategy, impact management, technology and product development.

Sebastian billig_edited.jpg

Sebastian Billig


Sebastian is a lawyer, law firm partner and a proven specialist in customs, trade and foreign trade. He has been a volunteer fundraiser and supporter for charity and non-profit organizations for years.


As CEO, he is responsible for communication, public relations, fundraising and partnerships.


Richard Malley

Advisor Company Building

Richard is a serial entrepreneur and innovation expert. His focus is on the development of innovative digital business models. He assists companies and startups in digital transformation processes.


As the advisor in company building, he advises the leadership team on strategic alignment and financing.


Sylvia Klein

Head of Strategy & Impact

Sylvia is a serial entrepreneur and strategy consultant. Her expertise lies in the development of novel digital monetization models.In 2014, she was named "Entrepreneur of the Year" by the EU.


As Head of Strategy & Impact, she leads the external communication and positioning of the OfnK.